Law Scholarships For Philippines Students 2021

Law Scholarships for Philippines is one of the best career options for students because law scholarships and grants encourage you to pursue respectable career opportunities. A law degree not only allows you to work in court or in business, but it also allows you to work in administrative services, corporate management, and legal services.

In the Philippines, many colleges and universities offer national and international law scholarships to graduate and post-graduate students.

San Sebastian College Recoletos De Manila Scholarship

In the University of San Jose-Recoletos College of Law, the full scholarship will be granted to law students in their second, third, and fourth-year grades, so that their average must not be less than 1.45. Based on records of the preceding academic year, law students with an average of no less than 1.75 would receive 50 percent scholarship awards in the second, third, and fourth-year schools.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The grade must not be less than 1.45
  • The scholarship is Open to All National and International Students
  • Students must Incoming College
  • Any gender can apply
  • Must be Summa or Magna Cum Laude in the undergraduate to avail Full scholarship
  • Must be Cum Laude in their undergraduate to avail 50% scholarship

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Manila Law College Scholarship

Students will be given full scholarships if they are graduated with an honors degree equivalent to Cum Laude or a better average. The scholarship will be given for two consecutive semesters with an award of PhP2, 000.00/ semester. Dean of Manila Law College will announce and provide a 100% discount on tuition fees to those graduates who have achieved 1.5 or 89% in the last year. This percentile will directly give them a scholarship, and they will be qualified to enter Law College.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicant should not be a sponsored student
  • Grade Requirement: at least 1.5
  • Open to All Nationalities
  • Incoming College
  • Any gender
  • For any marital status

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Ateneo Law School Scholarship

Ateneo Law School Scholarships are given to 20 Scholars, 10 Scholarships to 3rd-year students, 10 to 4th-year students. Each scholar receives a stipend of P2000, 000 divided into two categories; P100, 000 for tuition fees, P20, 000 for books, and P80, 000 for monthly stipends. On the basis of academic excellence and their integrity, scholars are chosen to endorse the FLP’s philosophy of liberty and prosperity under rule of law. For those who graduated with Latin hours, extra stipends will be given to them.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicant must be incumbent 3rd or 4th-year students in one of the eligible law schools
  • Must be amongst the top 20 of the batch in their respective schools.
  • Must have a cumulative average not lower than 85% or 2.25 for the immediately preceding school year
  • Applicant must have no dropped subject and no grade lower than 75% or 3.0
  • Applicant must have enrolled and completed the full load for each school year
  • Applicant must submit an essay on the philosophy of liberty and prosperity under the rule of law.

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